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Salvaigualada is a Google My Business agency where we work on local optimization in Google My Business based on a previous analysis of the most important keywords and their search volumes.

We carry out periodic and exhaustive control to maintain the first positions of the words we work with. We know Google My Business so well that we can work on local SEO successfully.

Increases sales

Improving the number of conversions starts with a good reputation. Today, a bad review equals a bad sales result.

Competitive Advantage

Attract potential customers nearest to your physical business. Position yourself in front of your competition.

Know How

We are an expert team with extensive experience providing local seo services as an agency. We know the tools from the inside.

Enhance your branding

Position yourself as a leader for your sector in your city with the help of an expert local seo company.

More visits, more customers with local seo services

Local seo company trusted by +500 clients.

Local SEO is based on improving visibility for location-related searches.

These actions can be on the website or through the creation, optimization, and improvement of the Google My Business listing.

In our own website, apart from taking into account all the parameters of the SEO On-Page, for these specific cases we can implement new concepts that help us to have a better positioning in the Local SEO:

JSON Structured Data

Microformats are rich snippets of code that help Google learn about our location, helping it to accurately locate us on the map.

Synchronize web with GMB profile

It is a good practice to link our website with the Google My Business listing. This way Google will be able to understand the connection between our online and offline world.

Unify your web and GMB data

In order to further simplify the association to Google between our website and our physical location, we must not forget that Google has its own map, with its own data.


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Frequent Questions

What is Local SEO?

Obtain visibility through the results offered by Google based on geographic location, either through traditional organic results but geolocated or through Google My Business listings.

Why Local SEO services are important?

Google My Business is a free platform that allows you to have greater visibility in the Google search engine and Google Maps. You can interact with your customers, keep them up to date with the latest news and update your business data.

This is a unique opportunity. If you don't have a Google My Business listing, you will not appear in the Local Pack or Google Maps. Moreover, if you don't manage your own profile, you run the risk that the data that appears in the knowledge panel is incorrect or too brief. These tabs attract the attention of our customers and potential new users.

Why choose your local seo agency?

We take care of the local SEO optimization of your business for your main keywords.

The ideal for a good local SEO is not to be the first for any keyword, these keywords must be relevant to the sector of the company and of course must have a good number of searches. In order to determine the most relevant keywords in terms of local search optimization, in our local seo company we use powerful software and research tools adapted to Google My Business.

We must be aware of the difficulty of positioning business through Google My Business to be displayed in the first search results since Google does not show more than three businesses when searching for keywords. Competition is very high in certain sectors and being in those privileged positions can mean a before and after for a company. The results can be more rotating than in web positioning, so a maintenance and monitoring of local SEO should be part of the strategy to follow.

Can I have a Google My Business listing?

As long as you can get a letter from Google that can certify that the address is correct, the answer is yes.

What is the price of local seo services?

As almost always: it depends. Local seo services in London or Manchester is not the same as in a town or less competitive areas. And the competition in the sector always has an influence.

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